We are experienced in acting on behalf of Landlords and Tenants. This is a complex area of law, particularly if the Retail Shop Leases Act applies.

If acting for a Landlord, we prepare the lease to reflect what is agreed upon between you and the tenant. We ensure that any notices are given to a tenant before they sign a lease if the property is on the contaminated land register or if the transaction is a retail shop lease. We can assist you in preparing a ‘basic’ commercial tenancy agreement or a more detailed Form 7 Lease – whichever you prefer.

If acting for a tenant, we ensure you fully understand what the lease entails and what you will need to do before moving into your new premises. There is no standard Form 7 lease in QLD and they are all different. It is crucial that you obtain advice so you know what you are getting into. We provide the level of advice that you want to pay for whether that be reading the lease and providing you verbal advice only or a written advice outlining the key aspects of the lease.

In current market conditions, it is unfortunately becoming more common to see both landlords and tenants becoming insolvent. You need to understand what that would mean to you if that was to happen and take steps to protect yourself from the fall out if this was to occur during the term of the lease. Don’t take chances and ‘wing it’. We make it affordable so you can at least obtain some advice before entering into a potentially life changing experience, that could potentially expose your hard earned assets. Call us today.

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