Residential conveyancing

Residential conveyancing

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of property from one person or entity to another and needs to be undertaken whenever someone buys or sells their home or investment property.

We can assist a seller or buyer with the sale of residential vacant land, residential house or residential unit.

For the conveyance process to begin, each party to the contract must sign it. We recommend that you consider obtaining legal advice before signing a contract.

This way, if you have any concerns about the property you can discuss this with a lawyer and they can ensure it is dealt with properly in the contract and ensure your rights are protected.

Once the Contract has been signed by all parties and it is received by either you or our office, it is subject to a cooling off period of five (5) business days. During this period a buyer is not legally bound by the Contract and may terminate the contract for whatever reason. Please note a termination penalty may apply. So even if a buyer does not obtain legal advice before signing a contract, they should seek advice during the cooling off period, so they can terminate the contract if there are issues with the contract.

As part of the conveyance process, we will ensure all contract conditions are met such as finance approval, building and pest dates and other special conditions, complete all searches chosen by you, liaise with the other party’s solicitor, ensure all government charges attached to the property have been paid, prepare and finalise a settlement statement and prepare/review transfer documents, organise settlement and attend settlement in Mackay (appoint agents if not in Mackay) and provide over the phone advice throughout the process.

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